Miranda Di Grande was born in Germany on January 6, 1997.

As a child, she often went on trips to the ocean.

Miranda was seen on the beach bringing back washed-up sea life into the sea. Miranda is frequently asked what she associates with the oceans?

Miranda Di Grande

This time should shape her very much.

Her mission in life is to maintain this inviolable peace for the oceans. Miranda did not remain idle. At the age of 19, she made a documentary with Albert II, Prince of Monaco, who shares her love for the sea.

She also began her modeling career at a young age. Convinced of her potential, her friends signed her up for a model TV show. During this time, she filmed all over the globe and made it to the semi-finals out of 15,000 contestants.

She also worked in India, South Korea, France, and Italy as a model.

Her entrepreneurial streak, coupled with a creative spirit, was evident when she designed and launched her own jewelry collection. In particular, her famous hummingbird design was to conquer the hearts of her fans.

At the same time, Miranda was not only showing her presence in front of the camera. She also had success in creating and establishing her TV productions. In these, she appeared as an executive producer and hosted various personalities at charity events, filmed at amusement parks, and interviewed her grandmother on camera.

She also co-founded a publishing company.

Miranda Di Grande

She has filmed with major television networks in Australia, Asia, America, Europe, and Africa.

Di Grande attended a private school in Germany and has been interested in foreign languages and accents since childhood, including English, Russian, French, and Old Latin. She is open and enthusiastic about our world’s different peoples and cultures and loves to learn from them.

Miranda is trained and practices various forms of Mixed martial arts like Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Tai Chi.

With her love for art and acting, she has earned the most prestigious degree in Method Acting.

After the joy and success of her co-productions, she founded her production company Colibri Productions. Today she is a member of the German Ocean Foundation.

In addition to her film work, Miranda also dedicated her time to various humanitarian causes and founded the DiGrande Foundation. She hopes to convince her younger generation to join the cause to create a better future.

Miranda Di Grande

DiGrande Foundation

Helping has never been easier. Visit the DiGrande Foundation and help seriously ill children with a donation. Your donation will directly benefit affected families. The psychological burdens are already large enough. Please support her work by donating.



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